Pilot list

Competitors are awready registered! See them below! You can be next hang gliding competitor of the Balkans.

    id First (Given) Name * Last (Family) Name * Country Glider model and size *
    12 Viacheslav Kiriakov RUS AEROS Combat L
    13 Viacheslav Petrov RUS AEROS Combat 13,5 GT
    14 Ihor Lysytsya Ukraine Aeros Combat L 13.7
    15 Yevhen Trisko Ukraine Aeros Discus-C 13
    17 spiros gonatas greece ls rs14
    18 Kamil Demirkan TURKEY AEROS Combat 13,2 GT
    19 Canberg Özveren TURKEY AEROS Combat 13,2 GT
    20 Hüseyin Kirişci TURKEY AEROS Combat 13,2 GT
    21 Vladimir Barakovski MKD Aeros Discus 14C

    See you soon, friends!