Deltaclub is a hang gliding club from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our history starts in 2010 when some young enthusiastic pilots came to the idea to create a small club for aerial sports and especially for hang gliding. They started the development of a hang gliding school. New students make their first flights each year. Step by step we hope that we will resurrect the interest about hang gliding of the young people. Now days we have more than 10 members and our small flying family is getting bigger and bigger.

Last year we travelled to Greece and Macedonia for the National Hang Gliding Championships and we had a great time, made many new frends, met great pilots... From our conversations with all of that people the idea of making a Balkans HG competition was born.

Deltaclub BG decided to be the first organizer of this event. We really hope that this will become a tradition and in the upcoming years we will have this event in other counties of the Balkan penisnula.

For any additional information you can contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.