Houses for rent



In the region there is a quite big choice of places to stay.




In Kiustendil there are few hotels, where you can stay depending on your own preferences and financial possibilities. Here are some of our proposals:


1. Strimon Spa Club 5*****

2. Ramira Familiy Hotel 3***

3. Hotel Bulgaria - Kiustendil 2** 5 euro per night


 What we can recommend


Houses For Rent



Modern country house in Klaparovtsi 


In the surroundings of the take off ,about 4 km away from the headquarter there is a modern mountain country house. Two floors are available.

On the ground floor there are 3 dorms and a bathroom.

Capacity: 8 to 10 people

On the second floor there is a kitchen and another 4 beds and a bathroom.

Capacity: 4 adults + 1 child

Price: 15 BGN per person per night / 7.5 EURO


3 apartments in Koniavo village 10 km away from the takeoff there can be rented. Two double rooms and one triple are available. 

Price: 15 BGN per person per night / 7.5 EURO


One luxury house in the same village for 4 people can be hired for 200BGN/ 100Euro per day.



Camping place


FREE CAMPING SPACE - Around the headquarter at the Bandera Ranch we will arrange a nice place for camping. You just have to bring your tents and utilties.


SHOWER with hot water and WC will be provided.

KITCHEN - In the headquarter there is a kitchen that can be used if you want to prepare your own meals. Refrigerators for the food and the products will be available.